Address: Agios Nektarios Square in Pachiana, Chania

Phone Number: 28210 – 95450, 28210 – 92078, Fax: 28210 – 91302,


Accommodation potential: 25 girls.



2 Social Workers

2 Cooks

1 Laundrywoman

1 Driver

1 Night Shift employee

1 Secretarial Support

1 Head of House

2 Responsible for Cleaning


The Girls Shelter Saint Nektarios” is in operation since 1968 and through the years it has hosted over 700 girls, of whom approximately 110 children have been married with full financial support from the Shelter. Currently 18 girls of various ages are hosted. There is a family atmosphere and our children aren’t deprived of anything that is considered a feature in families. Our children follow a daily program. They attend public schools in Chania, foreign language courses, private tutoring, traditional Cretan dances courses, handicrafts groups, social skills groups, music and hagiography courses. These services are provided free of charge by volunteer teachers.

On non-school days, we organize short walks in our city, watching movies in the cinema, trips to adjacent counties and trips outside Crete. During the summer months, the children spend their holidays at the cottage of the Shelter, in Korakies of Akrotiri. They go the sea, to organized walks, to daily or multi-day trips. They also spend a few weeks at the summer camps of the Metropolis of Kydonia and Apokoronas.



The purpose of the Institution is to provide protection and all possible assistance to girls who find themselves in dysfunctional families (victims of abuse, parental delinquency, economic distress, imprisonment, troubled parental relationships, chronic diseases, parental death).

Parents or guardians of these children address themselves to the Institution when they can’t due to the above statements respond to their parental role, or upon a prosecutor’s order or a recommendation from Social Services.

The expectation of the Institution is the best possible psycho-emotional, social and educational development of the children, in order for them to become healthy members of society and to become able to meet the demands of social life. “Read more”.



The Admission to the Charitable Organization of Chania “Saint Nektarios” is possible:

a) Upon request of the parents to our Institution.

b) With the intervention of the Social Welfare Directorate of Chania or a neighboring county.

c) By prosecuting order when abuse is ascertained on the part of the parents (abandonment, neglect), or moral unworthiness on the part of parents or individual problems (family related, financial, health issues, etc.).


Conditions required for the admission are:

a) The children to be 3-12 years old,

b) The existence of social criteria, such as: children orphaned by one or two parents or children from dysfunctional families who are unable to respond to their parental role.

c) Those admitted need to be physically, mentally and spiritually healthy and able-bodied. The admittance of children suffering from chronic infectious diseases is forbidden. That’s the reason blood tests for transmitted diseases are carried out as well as a chest radiograph.