“The merciful one desires to lift the misfortune of the world and to pour the joy and serenity on all on the face of the earth” – Saint Nektarios

“Disregard… Forgive and Move on” – Marika Koufaki “Gerontissa Amphilochia”


1968 – 2016

48 Years!

Saint Nektarios is present!

Hundreds of children without families have been helped by the Saint!

They found family life, warmth and affection.

Elder Amphilochios Makris gives his blessing and Ms. Marika Koufaki with a select and dedicated group serve close to her!

They minister the will of Saint Nektarios.

“The Girls Shelter exists through the constant concern and care of the Saint.

Ms. Marika became the children’smommy.

Mommy departed to heaven as Gerontissa Amphilochia and her work continues with the presence of the Church


Relocation of the holy relics of Saint Nektarios in Chania.


The Saint’s blessing.