Meal Programs – Rations

The crisis that prevails in our country, unfortunately resulted in us having a soup kitchen. We started shyly with 30 to 40 servings a day. Now we got to the point where we serve two hundred servings daily. We are sorry immeasurably that completely poor people come and  they don’t even have the daily bread. By the Grace of Saint Nektarios and those who offer, we manage to respond to the livelihood requests of these people.
We thank the tenderers:

1) The Firing Range of Crete
2) The Naval Base of Souda
3) The Division
4) The Thursday‘s Street Market
5) The following bakeries

  • Kotsifakis
  • Krystalenia
  • Grylakis
  • Kavoukidis
  • Michalios
  • Maladakis

6) Froutemporiki Kapnisakis Mpoulitsakis
7) Individuals offering various food items

Last year 56,000 rations of meals were distributed and 2000 bags of food and vegetables.