School of hagiography of the Holy Temple of Saint Nektarios of Chania

Every Thursday afternoon a school of hagiography operates for free, with two courses one for the children of the Foundation on 4-5 pm and one for women on 5-7 pm, in a specially modified place in our hostel, for the teaching and dissemination of hagiography, in charge of which is Ms. Ioanna Kelaidi.

Through hagiography our church narrates the lives of our Saints and reminds us of those eternal truths that Christ brought to the world.

The mission of hagiography is to make visible the holiness that resides in sanctified beings.

Anyone who wants to learn the hagiography of icons should know that he or she undertakes a cultural and theological responsibility.

Cultural because he or she must be worthy of tradition and theological because with hagiography, a missionary work is practiced.

The word of God is declared with the brush and the work should inspire devoutness, effort and practice are exclusively up to the student and with our support and love for hagiography and its rules we try using pencil and paper in the first year to copy Byzantine icons, while in the second year in the traditional manner of egg tempera to paint on various surfaces (natural or artificial wood, canvas, roof tile k, a,) while always being careful of the selection of the materials in order to be discreet and not challenge tradition and the illustrated themes.