3rd Sunday of Great Lent

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Today on Sunday, March 11th, it is the third Sunday of Lent. It’s called the Veneration of the Cross and is celebrated every year 28 days before the Holy Easter. But what does it mean exactly and what are we celebrating today?
It’s called Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross because in the vigil or Matins of this day, after the great Doxology, the Cross is carried in a solemn procession to the center of the temple and remains there throughout the rest of the week so at the end of every service, it is worshiped.
That is why our holy Church devoted this Sunday to the worship of the Holy Cross. The faithful drawing grace from it, now strengthened and renewed, we overcome the obstacles set by the cunning one, walk the skyward path and follow as our guide the joy and the longing to meet our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ in the holy and glorious day of His ascension.
May we all live a long and happy life.

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