A visit from BOYA (Balkan Orthodox Youth Association)


We were visited by a group of young people who were guests of our Metropolis. Through the activities of the Youth Office of our Metropolis, there was a meeting with the Balkan Orthodox Youth Association. Young people from all Balkan countries went to Chania to meet and talk about their concerns about Orthodoxy. As they took a tour in our country and they also visited our Saint. They worshiped with great reverence the Holy Relic of our Saint and we talked to them about our Temple, our parish and the Institutions as well as the way they operate. They listened with great interest about the presence of Saint Nektarios here and His activity in the field of Charity. We gave them a meal in our dining room. Our Metropolitan also attended and in the end he spoke about the presence of the Church in youth and how much the personal action of all young people is needed. We wish them everything to go according to plan.

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