Excursion to Sfakia

Inanx 24-3-17 (4)

We walked yesterday on the paths of Sfakia, which are fragrant from the wonderful mountainous nature, but mostly from the lives of the free people who live in these places. We worshiped the Sfakian Saint Emmanuel, a martyr of our faith, and a miraculous one to those who invoke him. We worshiped Panagia the Thymiani, from which the revolution of Daskalogiannis started in 1770, and the revolution in Crete in 1821. We took a tour in Frangokastello, which was made by the Venetians to fight off the pirates! We noticed and enjoyed the beautiful and proud small villages, where people with resilience and patience live in difficult conditions on a mountain. We thank the ladies of our parish for organizing this trip!


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