On Sunday the Divine Liturgy was brightened by the Archon first chanter of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, Musicologist, Professor of Byzantine Music Mr. Grigoriw Papaemmanouil. Along with him was a select company.

Theodoros Panagopoulos, professor of the University of Athens, Great Archon Protekdikos, President of Offikialon.

Kourtis GeorgiosStavros, President of the Court of Auditors S. T., Great Archon Dikaiofylax, General Secretary of Ofikkialon.

Theodoros Georgakis, Lawyer, Lord Chartofylax.

Pittaras Theodoros, MD Biopathologist, Lecturer of the University of Athens, Archon Chartoularios.

Fortsakis Theodoros, Member of the Parliament, Professor of the University of Athens, Archon Dikaiofylax.

Ms. Maria Bovali who attends in our parish brought them here to worship Saint Nektarios. Ms. Maria has relations with people in Cameroon in Africa where she lived for many years with her family, who excelled and still do in the business sector. We were pleased that we had all of them present. We treated them coffee in our Church hall which is always prepared by the ladies of our parish. Our Saint attracts faithful who are not only from places nearby but also from far away. We thank him and always honor him and let us not forget that he was a Metropolitan Patriarchate of Alexandria.

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