Memorial for our beloved mother! 4/9/2016


On Sunday September 4th we celebrated the memorial of Gerontissa Amphilochia (Ms. Marika Koufaki). There is always in our memory the blessed personality of the Gerontissa, who was the creator and soul of the Saint Nektarios Institutions. Her work of her ministry to the Saint exists because of her great sacrifice and dedication. A project of love, charity and beneficence to the people in need, particularly to girls devoid of their family.

The Divine Liturgy and the memorial service were serviced by our Eminence Metropolitan Mr Damaskinos who along with his brothers, who were fatherless, they saw support, upbringing and promotion of them by the Gerontissa along with their very young widow mother. After the memorial, the entire Congregation went down to the church hall for coffee which was prepared by the ladies of our parish.

There, those who knew her spoke and talked about events and various stories from her work and life. May we have her blessing and her mediation to Saint Nektarios.


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