The Ecclesiastical Council held a meeting


The Ecclesiastical Council held a meeting convened a Tuesday evening on August 30th. The meeting took place with the three priests, the chanters, the assistant chanters and those who serve the Sanctuary. All together they attended dinner and discussed the following subjects:

a) The cooperation in the spirit of love and understanding. All united and loved in the service of our Church which is open daily and is full of people.

b) In what ways can we offer better ministry to the people, especially in critical moments, such as the Eucharist, the antidoron etc.

c) The presence of young people to the analogia and the chanting to be as a choir rather than solo. Love for chanting is needed in those who approach the analogia.

d) The absence of children from the Divine Liturgy was stressed, the reasons for the absence were analyzed and how can we all together help!

The issue of the lack of children troubled everyone and they wished to reverse the situation because children are the future and times are difficult.

The meeting ended in a spirit of wishes and gratitude.

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