Excursion in northern Greece

inanx 7-7-16 (11)

We had a getaway with the faithful of the parish for pilgrimages and tours. We had the pleasure to worship:

  1. Saint Paraskevi Tempi
  2. Saint Dimitrios Thessaloniki
  3. Holy Monastery of Vlatadon in Ano Polis and the castles of Ano Polis
  4. Panagia Soumela with the cities Veroia, Naoussa and Edessa with the waterfalls
  5. Souroti, the grave of the Elder Paisius
  6. Holy Monastery of Saint Anastasia
  7. Holy Monastery of Saint Theodora in Thessaloniki
  8. Panagia Dexia
  9. Rotonda (Saint George)
  10. The White Tower
  11. Saint Dionysios of Olympus at Olympus
  12. Holy Monastery of Metamorfoseos in Oropos of the Elder Porphyrios

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