Excursion on Clean Monday

19-3-13 (4)
On Clean Monday we did an excursion. We went to a playground for games and then to a hill to fly the kite.
Unfortunately this year we didn’t manage to fly it high the like in previous years. We ate our lenten food and then we went for a walk to the beautiful trails of Saint Kyriaki. With everyone being satisfied we headed back home. Also with the help of the Institution’s children we gave packages of clothes to Prison, to the Chronic Diseases Medical Department and to the Nursing Home.
4 boxes of men’s shirts
1 box men’s trousers
1 carton men’s jackets
1 carton women‘s jackets
1 carton women‘s shirts
1 carton skirts
1 carton skirts and jackets
Moreover we payed a visit to the cave of the Fathers.

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