5 year memorial service to Sister Amphilochia (Mrs. Marika Koufaki)

5-9-13 (4)
Humbly and full of memories, we celebrated the 5 year memorial service of the unforgettable nun Gerontissa Amphilochia (Mrs. Marika Koufaki). Our Bishop, His Eminence of Kydonia and Apokoronas Mr. Damaskinos surrounded by priests, he celebrated the Divine Liturgy, while he addressed a rich speech, inspired by the Apostle of the day and praised the personality of the late Gerontissa.
He talked about her great love to God and Saint Nektarios, which was expressed in the love of her fellow man. Her charity work was plentiful and in many areas, particularly for girls who grew up in her hands in the “Saint Nektarios Shelter”. Hundreds in number and are all of them rightly called her “Mommy.” Then we passed in the hall of the church, where coffee was served for the entire congregation. We wish her memory to be eternal memory and may we always have her blessing.

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