Visit from of the Holy Monastery of Mikrokastro of Kozani

8-11-13 (4)

The nuns of the Holy Monastery of Mikrokastro with their Gerontissa Theologia, arrived first before the icon of Our Lady of Mikrokastro in our parish. We celebrated the vespers and then the Gerontissa spoke to the congregation by analyzing a very nice theme An excellent wife, who can find? A speech with strong arguments based on the sources of our sacred Scriptures, fully documented, she let us understand what kind of women are really worthy in this life.

Then we had a feast and were delighted to communicate with the Gerontissa and the sisters.

With great brilliance and deeply moved all the believers welcomed the Virgin of Mikrokastro, which was provided for us by His Eminence of Sisanio and Siatista Mr. Pavlos as well as Gerontissa Theologia, igumenia of the Monastery with a group of her escort.

They were welcomed by our Metropolitan Mr. Damaskinos. We celebrated the vespers while crowds of people one after another, came to worship.

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