Visit from the Youth of Saint Titos of Heraklion

14-12-13 (5)
The Holy Temple of Saint Titus in Heraklion of Crete is a temple dating back centuries. Always with a spirit of servitude in the center of Heraklion and a pilgrimage to those visiting the city. It has a great treasure, the skull of Saint Titus, the first bishop of Crete. We had a visit from Saint Titus with one of their priests and the deacon. It was a group of students who gather in the parish of Saint Titus and analyze issues of our faith.
They worshiped our Saint and we hosted them by offering lunch. We are pleased to we see young people close to the Church and especially students. Should they place their faith in God in the science that they study, they will have much to offer to society. May Saint Nektarios who was the Saint of literature, a teacher and a tutor of young people help them.

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