Archieratical Divine Liturgy

18-11-15 (2)

We celebrated in our Temple an Archieratical Divine Liturgy from our Eminent Metropolitan Bishop on 18/11/15.

The reasons are two:

a) Our bishop wanted us to honor our Lady Agiotafitissa, the last day before the icon’s departure and return to the Holy Land. He wanted to thank the icon of the Virgin for its presence and the great blessing to the city of Chania and throughout our diocese.

b) Our Bishop had the anniversary of his Ordination to a Bishop and completed nine years as an Archpriest. In the Divine Liturgy that he celebrated, the protosyncellus, the General Archieratic, and the Archieraticals were present. We prepared coffee and a treat, to wish our Bishop many years of priesthood.

We gave him a symbolic gift. A pair of good quality shoes to wear and have the strength to tour all the churches of our diocese and to minister us.

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