11 December 2015

11-12-15 (4)
It is a great honor for us that the igumen of the Monastery of Pantocrator of Mount Athos originates from our parish. He is the elder Gabriel. He was born and grew up here in our church of Saint Nektarios where he worshiped God since he was a child. Then he became a monk at the Monastery of Xenophontos and later in the Monastery of Pantocrator where after the death of the elder Vissarion, he was appointed to igumen.

These days he was here with the elder and igumen of Xenofontos, the elder father Alexius.
They came to our temple and worshiped our Saint along with two other monks and the mother of father Gabriel who became a nun in the Monastery of Prodromos of Acritochori. She is Mother Superior Nektaria who has always been present in our temple before becoming a nun. We were delighted to have dinner with them where we all ate together with our bishop present.

We had a spiritual discussion and felt the spiritual joy of the meeting and of the spiritual guidance of our bishop and the Athonite fathers.
Praise God!

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