Feast of Saint Filothei

19-2-16 (4)

19 February 2016

We celebrated again this year the feast of Saint Filothei, which is our coprotector along with Saint Nectarios.
Saint Filothei lived in the 16th century in Athens. She was a great bright personality which offered everything for God and the people.
She did a huge social contribution in all areas and benefited crowds of people at a time when everything was shadowed by oppression and slavery. In the darkness of slavery she was light and illuminated our nation.
She lived a holy life as a nun and was martyred by the Turks because her presence prevented their obscurantist work.
Our festival, on the evening was honored by father Amphilochios,the igumen of Holy Trinity, and on the day of the feast was father Damaskinos the protosyncellus of our Metropolitan, along with several priests.
We thank our faithful who devoutly attended to honor the Saint and wish to all Live Long.
We emphasize the wonderful fact of our parish that in the holy chapel of Saint Filothei we perform daily the mystery of the Divine Liturgy.

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