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Pilgrimage to Kythira

Today, on the 9th of May 2018, with the grace of God and the embassies of Our Lady of Myrtidiotissa, we had the blessing to go to worship, in the homonymous Temple in Kythira, her holy and miraculous icon. We attended the Blessing of the  Loaves and received blessings and spiritual power, followed by a pilgrimage to Saint Elessa and after that we headed for Avlemonas to eat until it was time to leave Kythira and return to Chania.

Holy Week

Holy Monday today, Behold the Bridegroom comes in the middle of the night. The bells of our Parish invited the faithful for the Service of the Bridegroom. The priests, dressed in mourning vestments, stood out from the door of the Sanctuary, holding the icon of the Bridegroom in their hands with great emotion.
Incense spreads around fragrant clouds, softening our hearts. The face of Christ is melancholic. He wears the red cloak of mockery. The crown of thorns rests on His head. And in His hand, He is holding a reed. Christians, with chills, whisper, my Lord.
It is the first day of the Holy Week… And blessed is the servant who is vigilant. Unworthy in the other hand is the servant who is found idle.
Let us be aware so we find ourselves among the vigilant that day.

Palm Sunday

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Today, April 1st, 2018 on Palm Sunday with the temple packed with the faithful, we blessed the Vaia in memory of the event that took place in the days of our Lord. So the Lord, who is on His way to His Passion, but also goes to His Resurrection and Ascension, in order to send us the Holy Spirit, to offer us the gift of walking with Him, to meet and to be saved eternally with Him in His kingdom.

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3rd Sunday of Great Lent

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Today on Sunday, March 11th, it is the third Sunday of Lent. It’s called the Veneration of the Cross and is celebrated every year 28 days before the Holy Easter. But what does it mean exactly and what are we celebrating today?
It’s called Sunday of the Veneration of the Cross because in the vigil or Matins of this day, after the great Doxology, the Cross is carried in a solemn procession to the center of the temple and remains there throughout the rest of the week so at the end of every service, it is worshiped.
That is why our holy Church devoted this Sunday to the worship of the Holy Cross. The faithful drawing grace from it, now strengthened and renewed, we overcome the obstacles set by the cunning one, walk the skyward path and follow as our guide the joy and the longing to meet our resurrected Lord Jesus Christ in the holy and glorious day of His ascension.
May we all live a long and happy life.

Great and Holy Sunday

Great and Holy Sunday. Its Sunday and the victory of Orthodoxy is celebrated against every lie, every heresy, every false god, every false teaching, every false philosophy. A holy victory of the Orthodox Church. And that means the victory of the Whole Truth.
But who is the Whole Truth in this world? It is He who said for Himself: I am the truth! Jesus Christ.
May the benign Lord give to the heart of everyone all the heavenly gifts, all the evangelical virtues: the faith, the love and the hope, the prayer and the fasting, the perseverance, the diligence and the humbleness, so that we may be able to endure in this terrible earthly fight, to preserve in our soul the divine form and to move from this world to the Resurrected Lord’s world.
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Feast of Saint Filothei 2018

And this year, with the grace of God and his Eminence the Metropolitan Mr. Damaskinos, we celebrated the Feast of Saint Filothei the Athenian in the chapel dedicated to her.
A crowd of faithful came to worship the holy relic of Saint Filothei and to receive a blessing from it.
Also at the end of the feast His Eminence addressed the reverend archimandrite Father Amphilochios Papagiannakis as the new vicar and head of the temple.
We welcome him and may he always be worthy to please God and the people!

Annual Fair of Agia Filothei

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On Monday the 19th of February we celebrate the memory of the Glorious Saint Martyr Filothei the Athenian. The Holy Chapel of the parish of Saint Nektarios that is dedicated to her celebrates too.

This year due to the fact that the Holy Feast coincides with the Clean Monday, it was transferred on the Cheesefare Sunday, February 18th.

On Saturday afternoon, the Festive Vespers will be chanted at 5:00 pm.

Afterwards we will pray the Holy Paraklesis to Saint Filothei and worship Her Sacred Holy Relic. In the morning and at 7:00 am the Matins will be celebrated and then the Archieratical Divine Liturgy will follow.


-From the Parish

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Parish excursion


Today, on Sunday the 4th of February, we had the opportunity after the Divine Liturgy to make an excursion with the ladies of our Parish to Agios Antonios in Patsos of Rethymnon. After our pilgrimage, we sat to have lunch in the music center of Drymos. Afterwards we went to the City of Rethymnon for a cup of coffee and headed back home.