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4-5-16 Enoria (7)

The iconostases of our parish

Spiritual lighthouses in the courtyards of the houses the iconostases with their oil candles lighted. You feel spiritual reassurance as you walk through the streets of our parish! They are about forty in number! Every time they are celebrated by those who have them, there’s an uprising in the neighborhood! All together on this. To make a paraklisis to bless the breads and all together to taste the treats of the landlord who takes on the festival.

The iconostases, unite us as a society of people. They protect us from actions of temptation! They are the lightning rods that ground evil! We are glad of their existence.
We enjoy our blessed customs and traditions.

Holy Week – Resurrection

4-5-16 (7)

Blessed are the days of the Passion of our Christ and His resurrection! In our parish we live those days with the faithful coming having turned their thought and their eyes to the Lord. It is not just a habit, or a tradition or a custom! They are these facts which are repeated in the liturgical time of our Church. Today is hung upon the Tree…”
“Having beheld the Resurrection of Christ..!”

The modern life of many ideas wants to degrade our faith. But we keep it unaltered and we firmly believe in Jesus Christ, crucified and risen from the dead!

Our Secretariat


With coordination, cooperation and also the presence of young women of our Foundation, our Secretariat is working nonstop and in high spirits in order to meet all needs and especially the one of correspondence that many people have from abroad and Greece with Saint Nektarios.
Our saint constantly offers to all His blessing and intercedes for the benefit of all the faithful.

The Bridegroom of the Church

Numfios 2

It’s the beginning of the Holy Week with the exodus of the Bridegroom Christ, the extremely humbled for the salvation of mankind. We participate to the Passion of our Jesus, sympathizing as Christians, understanding the extreme condescension. Our Church walks the way of Christ through the harsh conditions of our time, the contradictions of the people, and the loss of faith, by wishing that all will gaze at the Holy Resurrection.

A visit from Lasithi

22-4-16 (5)

From the junior high of Kritsa of Lasithi a bus with students, came to visit and worship our Saint.
We welcomed the children, gave them a treat and showed them around.
We noticed their interest to learn about the presence of Saint Nektarios in our lives, his miracles and about the children that the Saint takes care of.
We were impressed by their attention, an indication that they have Christian education.
It all depends on the teachers and the guidelines that they will give to the children.We need knowledge and morals for the younger generations.

Knowledge and the presence of the Orthodoxy, which always supported the entire world.

The children of our parish!

22-4-16 (2)

We are always glad when the children of our parish are in the Church. We remember Christ Let the children alone, and do not hinder them from coming to Me!
It depends on us adults whether children will be close to God. It depends on us whether we will deliver them the torch of our faith!
Going forward to life with Christ, their life will have meaning and a correct way of dealing with all issues.
We pray for our children!
May they be healthy and have Christ on their side forever.



The preparations for Palm Sunday

20-4-16 (2)

Palms were cut by the church members of the committee, and our ladies are weaving crosses that we will give as a blessing on Palm Sunday.

Palm Sunday is the feast of the reception of Christ into Jerusalem. The cheers on one hand and on the other the beginning of the Passion of Jesus Christ with theAway with Him, away with Him, crucify Him!”

Do we welcome Christ or do we crucify Him?
Are win the Hosanna!” or in the Crucify! Do we believe in him with our similar to His way of life or do we despise Him with our sins? Either way, Christ sacrificed Himself for us!

A visit from Father Joseph

18-4-16 (7)

A special blessing on our parish was father Joseph from the Holy Monastery of Xenophontos of Mount Athos. We invited him and he came to serve the Holy Mystery of confession. He was fatigued, but it was worth it, because many souls found peace under his epitrachelion, more so considering the Easter days that we all make greater spiritual effort. For about a week throughout the day he served as a confessor. We thank him personally and the Holy Monastery of Xenophontos in the person of the venerable father Alexios, the Monastery’s igumen.

11 April 2016

11-4-16 (5)
Thanasis Papadakis is a fine parishioner. A faithful and a conscious Christian! He is always present in the Liturgical Gatherings! Indeed he also helps by chanting to the Analogion.
With love he made representations on the tables with icons and appropriate text about the presence of Christ on earth and especially of the last period of His Holy Passion.
All the church members go by and observe them! They participate and realize yet more of our Christ! Especially the children! Those of the Sunday school and the other members of our parish. It is a representational learning opportunity!

We thank him very much and wish him all the best.

Devout Vespers

11-4-16 (1)_1

Our Metropolis chose our parish to celebrate the devout vespers of the Fourth Sunday of Lent.
Our bishop, the protosyncellus, many priests of our city and the choir of the chanters celebrated the devout vespers.
The speaker was father Benedict from New Skete of Mount Athos. Very clearly he presented us the topic hope and how necessary it is to fight the good fight in order to never lose it. Without hope we are desperate! Lost!
After the spiritual food which we richly felt getting in our souls, we had a feast where all the subscribers of the night sat down to continue our godly gathering with food and spiritual discussion.