Holy Week

Holy Monday today, Behold the Bridegroom comes in the middle of the night. The bells of our Parish invited the faithful for the Service of the Bridegroom. The priests, dressed in mourning vestments, stood out from the door of the Sanctuary, holding the icon of the Bridegroom in their hands with great emotion.
Incense spreads around fragrant clouds, softening our hearts. The face of Christ is melancholic. He wears the red cloak of mockery. The crown of thorns rests on His head. And in His hand, He is holding a reed. Christians, with chills, whisper, my Lord.
It is the first day of the Holy Week… And blessed is the servant who is vigilant. Unworthy in the other hand is the servant who is found idle.
Let us be aware so we find ourselves among the vigilant that day.

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