Theophany 2018

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And this year, with the grace of God, we celebrated the Holy Theophany with crowds of the faithful.
After the Divine Liturgy, the Great Blessing of Water was celebrated by our priests.
The message of the Feast:
The Feast of the Theophany is an invitation of renewal and return to the Lord of glory, who, even though He was God, He humbled himself and became man, a true human being, sinless, forgiving and merciful, the way, the truth and the life. That is why the man Jesus Christ, went ahead until His human nature reached its end, to assume fully what God has entrusted to Him. By diving into the dead waters of Jordan, He looked like a clean linen, which sinks into the dye. He who was purer than snow, eventually emerges from water, as the prophet Isaiah says, with a blood-stained cloth, a garment of death, the garment He was called to wear. So these are the messages that the Baptism of the Lord to the Jordan River sends, under John the Baptist. We have to understand what extraordinary action the Feast encompasses, what act of love it puts before us. A persistent question is constantly raised: What is our answer? The most appropriate and redeeming answer is to follow Him on the path of grace, love, charity and righteousness till the end of time.
May all of you live many blessed years.

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