November 8th and 9th 2016


With special splendor, we celebrated this year our patron and protector Saint Nektarios. On the eve of November 8th at five o’clock in the afternoon, we welcomed Panagia the Ksenia (from a monastery of Volos). An icon with a story that goes back to the period of Iconoclasm. The icon ended up due to persecution to a monastery of Volos where it made numerous miracles. All the faithful in the region resort to Her for their prayers and requests. On the eve, the ceremony of Vespers was celebrated by our Metropolitan Mr. Damaskinos, while on the Feast day, it was celebrated by the Bishop of Christoupoleos Mr. Makarios.

And of course a great company of priests was present, whom we thank, who respectfully circled the Holy Altar. The Procession of the Holy Relics and the icon of Our Lady was and is a blessing for our parish and the whole city. We thank our Bishop for His care of the institutions of our parish. We thank the Bishop Mr. Makarios for his celebration of the Divine Liturgy and His rich in content preaching.

We thank all who ministered:

a) The ladies at the booths and the Exhibition.

b) Those responsible for the loaves of bread.

c) The commissioners and the company of additional people near them to help.

d) Our sweet-voiced chanters.

e) Those who minister in the Sanctuary.

f) The kitchen crew with the preparation of food, the cook and all of her assistants.

g) The ladies serving and arranging the dining room.

h) The Ecclesiastical School students who brightened the Procession by holding the banners, the Exapteriga, the censers etc.

i) Our secretariat for the communication by phone and service to all.

Heartfelt wishes to all. May Saint Nektarios always help us and the Virgin Mary protect us. The program for the icon of the Virgin is valid for a week and the faihful can come from the morning until late at night to worship.

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