The First Salutations to the Theotokos

19-3-16 (1)

18 MARCH 2016

The First Salutations to the Theotokos

Joyful and hopeful is the presence of Our Lady in the Lent. Always en masse is the attendance of the faithful!
We performed the First Salutations with the icon of the Virgin in the middle of the Temple.
We analyzed the fact that Virgin Mary is the vine which shot the amaranth stalk, which gave birth to the pure fruit our Jesus Christ.
She is the most prominent and unique personality of the human race, because she ensured with her Immaculate and All-Holy life to God to carry out His plan for the Salvation of the world.
Even the Archangel Gabriel is astonished looking at the beauty of her virginity and the brilliance of her chastity.
All praises are feeble to praise her!
Nevertheless for centuries now, from the 6th century onward we have the Service of the Akathist Hymn which we address it to Her with all our devotion.
May her Grace protect us always

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